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Martin Adder Point Blunts (6pack)

Martin Adder Point Blunts (6pack)
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Price: $9.95
Availability: In Stock
Model: Adderpoint
Manufacturer: Martin
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Martin Adder Point Blunts


Adder Points from Martin Archery are a quick and easy way to convert your target and field arrows into the perfect arrows for hunting small game and pests. Simply screw off your regular target or field point, slip an adder point washer over the shank of the point, and screw it back into your arrow.

  • Martin Adder Point Quick-Specs

  • One-Piece Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Install on your arrows in second
  • Least expensive of all the blunts we carry.
  • Weigh only 33 grains each
  • Available Packs of six.

Martin Adder Points are an excellent way to convert nearly any bow from a back-yard target bow to a hunting bow effective for eliminating pests, particularly rabbits,from the family vegetable patch. This makes them a great way to introduce young shooters to bowhunting in an inexpensive and meaningful way. Even a 20 or 25 pound bow can be effective against rabbits at close ranges of ten meters or so.

When ordering Adder Points, it is a good idea to also order a set of replacement field or target points that are 25-grains less than your standard point. Thus, is you are shooting 100-grain points, order a few 75-grain points to use with the adders. This will insure consistent arrow flight between your arrows when set up for target shooting and when they have the Adder Points installed.

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