Pro Chrono USB Interface

Pro Chrono USB Interface

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Provides you with everything needed to connect the Pro Chrono Digital chronograph to a computer and expand its functionality with the included software program.

Now a PC can be used to operate the chronograph as well as collect and manage the data it provides. It has many useful applications both at home or on the range. It is compatible with all Pro Chrono Digital Chronographs.


  • USB Port Connection - Uses the computer USB port for a wired connection to the Pro Chrono Digital.
  • Last Velocity Large Display - Create a large size display of the velocity readout and the power factor on your computer screen.
  • The size is adjustable to suit the desired viewing distance.
  • Great for showing the results to a group of onlookers.
  • Multi-Function Control Panel - Control all of the Chrono functions, read a list of velocities from each shot string and the associated statistics, and print a report. You can also input information for calculating the ammo. power factor and foot/lbs.
  • On Screen Graph Of Velocity Strings - Create a graph using data from a shot string. Save or print it for later reference.
  • Use Multiple Chronographs with One PC - This is useful if two chronographs are being used to measure the same projectile in order to validate the results.

This accessory includes:

  • USB Adapter Interface
  • 25 Foot Connection Cable

Program CD Computer information:

  • The Digital USB interface software program has been tested and functions acceptably under the following Operating Systems:
  • Windows 98
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista

Windows 7 System resources required:

  • A typical monitor and keyboard.
  • A mouse is recommended but not required.
  • One or more USB ports.

Note: New Software Version available for download from the manufacturer website.