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Rinehart Razorback Boar

Model: RH030


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Rinehart Razorback Boar

With the Rinehart legendary attention to detail and realism, there is nothing boring about shooting a Rinehart 3D Boar target. Long lasting durability is ensured with Rinehart’s newest innovative and strong. Solid FX Foam technology completely moulded from nose to tail with no fillers and while Rinehart’s newest Solid FX Foam ensures archers receive the best value for the price point, the core of the target is constructed of Rinehart’s renowned solid “self-healing” foam, ensuring it will outlast even your longest, hardest practice session. The weather-resistant durable foam has no layers and no fillers, so when you remove your arrow, the arrow slides out – no lubricant or arrow pullers needed and leaves the foam in the target. Rinehart’s exclusive arrow-stopping, self-healing foam and rugged “Uni-Body” assembly process combine to make this 3D target ideal for year round use in the backyard or in the field. The solid self-healing foam construction is resistant to the damaging effects of ultra violet rays. This unique Razorback Boar target presents realistic shot angles and promotes realistic shooting skills you’ll need to be accurate and deadly. Razorback Boar helps you train and deliver the perfect shot in the field. Shooting practice has never felt so real with this life-like big game target.

Replaceable insert extends target life with scoreable markings that indicate proper arrow placement.

  • Broadhead friendly
  • Can be shot at a 45 degree angle
  • Ultra durable solid FX foam exterior
  • Rugged uni-body assembly
  • Realistic three dimensional foam deer archery target
  • Easy arrow pull
  • Self-healing foam for long life
  • Durable • Weatherproof
  • Scoreable markings indicate proper arrow placement
  • Gives you skills to be accurate and deadly when out hunting
  • High quality, weatherproof, self-healing foam for long life
  • Allows you to practice realistic shot angles
  • Replaceable locking insert extends target life
  • Easier to remove arrows from target
  • Helps you train for the perfect shot
  • Shoulder height 24″ or 61 cm
  • Body length 32″ or 81 cm
  • Body girth 9″ or 22.9 cm
  • Simulated weight 100 lbs or 45.4 kg
  • Made in USA
  • IBO scoring pattern

Be prepared for that shot of a lifetime by practicing on the best 3D target on the market today.