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Crusader 10lb Bow Set

Model: 10061


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Crusader 10lb Bow Set

An ideal starter recurve bow, the Crusader offers high aesthetics, top ergonomic design and an easy to use bow made specifically for younger shooters or beginners.

The Crusader is very easy to draw thanks to the low draw weight.

We recommend these for archers aged 4-8 years, adult supervision is necessary.

The bow is fairly compact making it easy to transport around. It’s light weight allows the shooter to hold it for longer helping to decrease user fatigue.

Along side this bow you get a:

    Simple quiver to transport your arrows
    2 x 24″ Wooden Arrows
    Small Target Face
    Wrist Guard

To preserve the fletching of your arrows always point your single fletch away from the bow when nocking your arrow, failing to do so will result in fletching damage.

We recommend the EK Foam target for this bow set.