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Man Kung Chester Crossbow 425fps

Model: 90126109


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Mankung 200lb 425fps Chester Crossbow


  • Blazing speeds up to 425 fps,
  • 9″ Axel – Axel (When cocked)
  • Draw Weight 200 lbs
  • Quad limbs
  • Limbs:Durable compressed fiberglass
  • Precision CNC-machined cam system
  • The CNC-machined aluminum rail offers a shoot through aluminum riser to provide you with consistent, repeatable accuracy
  • Ultra-compact, 9″ front end for maximum maneuverability
  • Ambidextrous, side mount quiver bracket                              
  • Patented Trigger Technology-Dry Fire-Inhibitor
  • 2 – stage arrow retention arm allows for smooth and effortless loading while applying optimal downward pressure for a secure hold to increase accuracy
    – This high let off, fully synced cam system eliminates horizontal nock travel providing uniform arrow launch and effortless cocking.
  • Patented Flight Deck: is crucial to the accuracy of a crossbow as the barrel is to a rifle.
    – The patented CNC machined rail eliminates vertical nock travel for unmatched accuracy.
  • String Stopper:Decelerates string and deadens vibration
  • Barrel:Aluminium, Composite barrel With Picatinny Rail
  • Precision Stock: rifle inspired stock allows for 6 different length of pull adjustments and 1.25 inches of adjustment in the comb for a customized fit.
  • Stock:Reinforced composite Stock, Adjustable Stock.
  • Pistol Grip design is contoured for a positive grip and can be configured with any AR-style grip (non-beavertail style grips)
  • AR Grip:Ergonomically textured soft grip with finger grooves for increased control under any conditions
  • Composite Riser – Aluminium / CNC machined
  • Noise suppressing string stoppers
  • Axle To Axle 13″ when not loaded 
  • Weight 8.0 lbs

Crossbow scope with a magnification of 4×32.
The lens is provided with a Multi Coating.
Precise  lateral and vertical adjustment.


  • Setting the reticle: 1/2 MOA click
  • Duplex Reticle
  • Color: Matt black anodized
  • Material: high quality aluminum
  • Lens diameter: 32mm
  • Ocular: 32mm
  • Tube diameter: 25mm
  • Length of scope: 210mm
  • Weight: 282 grams


  • 200lb – 425fps Forest Camo Compound Crossbow
  • 4×32 mm scope Archery Hold Over Line Scope
  • 3 x 20”, 390 gr. Carbon Arrows,
  • Quiver,
  • Rope Cocker
  • String Wax
  • Bow Manual
  • Scope Manual
  • Stealth Crossbow Case