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Rinehart Woodland Buck Target

Model: RH032


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Rinehart Woodland Buck Target

  • UV-resistant
  • Self-healing foam
  • Internal locking insert tubes
  • Rugged “uni-body” assembly

The elite choice of 3-D shooters for their field-proven longevity and competition-tested integrity. The target remains 100% shootable after being exposed to direct sunlight and inclement weather for more than 2,500 days. Instead of using just a painted exterior that can chip or flake away, these targets have UV-resistant colored foam throughout to look like new after years of heavy use. Self-healing foam quickly stops even the fastest incoming carbon or aluminium arrows. Arrow holes seal up within 10 seconds. Internal locking insert tubes lock the target insert in place. Target allows you to practice both 45° and broadside shot placements.

  • Stand Alone accessory allows set up in 45 seconds.
  • Rugged “uni-body” assembly.
  • Rated for broadheads and field points.
  • Dimensions: 29″L x 30″H.