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Gold Tip Series 22 Plus Shaft

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Gold Tip Series 22 Plus Shaft

The Ultralight Series 22 is the .005” straightness version of the Ultralight Series 22 Pro for the budget minded.

The Ultralight Series 22 Pro is a perfect choice for those 3D archers who don’t want to pull the extra weight required to get the larger shafts up to speed, or just don’t have the draw length to make it happen.
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Built with Gold Tip’s unique 100% carbon construction and at only 7.3 grains per inch, it is one of the most popular light weight 3-D shafts on the market today. 
With an O.D. of 0.337” it is FITA legal and has been used by great archers like Brady Ellison to win a number of indoor FITA world titles. 
ten zone archery
Ultralight ‘Series 22’ Specifications:
  • Shafts sold separately 
  • Spine: .300″
  • Stock length:  32″
  • Outer Diameter:  .337″
  • Grains per inch: 7.3
  • Inner Diameter:  .300″
  • Approx shaft weight at 29″:  211.7 grains
  • Recommended point weight:  80 – 125 grains