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Cartel Kick Stand

Model: 985526325


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Cartel Kick Stand

  • The Cartel kick bow stand is portable, spring-loaded and compact enough to easily store in your pocket, pack or quiver.
  • Scissors style bow stand folds up neatly and opens out and clips onto your bottom limb and lean your bow forward till it rests on your stabiliser.
  • Suits most compound bows.
  • Can stay connected to your bow.
  • It elevates your cam above the ground, protecting it and eliminates fouling or marring your wheel, cam groove and string from dirt.
  • Great for field, target or 3D shooting.
  • Even works for recurves.
  • It is very sturdy polycarbonate material, yet is lightweight at 100 grams or 3.52 oz.
  • Easy on/off bow.
  • Available in black only.