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Adventurer 15lb Bow Set

Model: 336960358


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Adventurer 15

This is a great kid’s set, fantastic for getting your young ones into and outdoor sport.

This entry level Take-down bow is great for all kids. Fiberglass limbs with molded comfort grip.

This simple takedown 15lb bow is great for packing up and taking camping, simply slip the limbs out of the handle pack it into a bag and off you go.

Package includes:

1x 15lb Takedown Bow

1x Bow String

1x Hip Quiver

2x 26 Inch Arrows

1x Finger Savers (built in finger tab attached to the string)

1x  Armguard

1x Target Face

Draw weight: 15lb

Max draw length: 28″


Overall length: 44″

Recommended Age: approx. ages 5-11 years