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Adventurer Pure carbon Arrows With Feathers 6pc

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6 Pack Pure carbon Arrows With Feathers

1000 Spine are 28 Inches long

800 Spine are 29 Inches Long

These CX-7 grade carbon arrows are perfect for those who want to get a high grade arrow at Rock bottom pricing and still preform, perfect for on the range, in the backyard these precision arrows will exceed your expectations. Perfect for recurve or longbows


Length            :: 28 inch or 29″
Point               :: fixed
Point weight  :: 90grain
Fletch             ::  3 inch SHIELD genuine turkey feather 
Spine              ::  1000 or 800

If your not sure what spine means don’t worry we are here to help, keeping things simple these arrows can be used on most recurve or longbows up to 30lb 

If your still not sure give us a call at the shop