Archery Direct

Adventurer Recurve String

Model: N/A



Replacement string for Adventurer Recurve bow or any other recurve bow with standard AMO lengths. 

Please note strings are measured in AMO, as a general rule the AMO length is printed on the lower limb of the bow, if not measure your current string and Add 3.5 inches,

Example: String length = 58.5inches  +3.5 inches = 62 inch, you would select 62″ String    

This string will also fit any standard AMO length. 

Strings come with the centre serving to suit standard throat nocks, what’s all this mean?

·         Nock, this is the part that clips onto the string.  

·         Centre Serving, this is the centre section of the string where you clip the arrow onto

·         Throat, this is the hole size that clamps onto the string, there are two different sizes available, Small throat and Large (Standard) every arrow sold by archery direct comes with Standard throat