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Axcel ArmorTech LITE (5pin .019)

Model: 611254340134


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Axcel ArmorTech LITE

  • Lighter, direct mounting bracket with options of greater elevation
  • Newly designed windage bracket that allows for more travel within the adjustment itself
  • True first, second, and third axis adjustment
  • Features the Axcel AccuStat II Scope
  • Within the scope, make individual sight pin micro-adjustments
  • Utilizes ultra-bright fire pins with 24-inches of ultra-flex, durable fiber
  • Rheostat cover to allow you to adjust the amount of natural light that gets to the pins to eliminate star-bursting
  • Gear tooth lock lever to secure your sight once you have made your micro-adjustments
  • Single-screw lock on the front of the sight lets you change out scope housings to effortlessly switch between setups
  • Two-screw locking system on the second and third axis
  • Offered with 5 pins
  • .019 pin size