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Axcel Scope Assembly YCS

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Axcel Scope Assembly YCS

Axcel X-31 & X-41 Scope Housing

Product Description

  • Red Ring Torque Indicator – when you see red at full draw you are torqueing your bow
  • Co-Planar Centering Technology (CCT) – engraved external peep alignment ring at same depth as sight pin or lens decal to keep pin centered even when viewed slightly off angle
  • True Center Vision (TCV) – supplies a circular sight picture even when viewed slightly off center
  • Fiber-optic light openings supply ambient light to the fiber, while stopping distracting light
  • Available sizes: X-31 (fits 1.355” or 35mm lens) X-41 (fits 1.75” or 41mm lens)
  • Must use lens frame with lens (sold separately)