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Bee Stinger Competitor Stabilizer

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Bee Stinger Competitor Stabilizer”

  • Tournament-grade performance at an affordable price.
  • Internal Harmonic Dampener smooths out any vibration, while the independent weight system allows for customized balance coupled the perfect length to weight ratio for your bow. Bee Stinger will have you shooting at your best.
  • V-Bar Theory of Uses – V-Bar, side-rod or back-bar…no matter what you call them, they are an essential tool to achieve optimum stabilization.
  • Using the same carbon technology as our stabilizers, Bee Stinger cuts no corners when it comes to materials.
  • To off-set counter forces and maximize stabilization, put as much or as little end weight as desired.
  • Create a symmetrical or one side counter balance, our accessories give you numerous options.