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Bohning Blazer STR8 Jig

Model: 010847013453


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Specifically made to accommodate thinner shafts up to 6.3mm O/D

Ideal for Goldtip Pierce shafts

For the archer who wants to fletch his or her own vanes at home and wants a simple way to do it, the Bohning Blazer STR8 Jig is the way to go.  This fletching jig is designed for small carbon shafts and will provide straight vane placement for vanes up to 2.25″ long.  The STR8 places three vanes at 120 degrees apart for a trio of arrow spinning perfection.  The set-up and operation of this jig is very easy and an instruction manual is included.


  • Straight vane placement
  • Places three vanes 120 degrees apart
  • Works on smaller diameter shafts and 2.25″ vanes