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CBE Trek Pro 2V

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CBE Trek Pro V2

The Redesigned machined aluminium scope housings of the TREK Vertical Series accept the CBE Peep alignment rings and include 4 different colours to choose from. Rheostat sight lights are included, as well as the ability to be modified to the CBE Picatinny or CBE Bridge Lock adapters. The new TREK Vertical sights are available in .01” or .019” fibre pins and in Right- or Left-hand configurations. 

Including the signature CBE Hybrid Drive system with hard stop, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd axis adjustments, micro windage, laser engraved sight scales, and NOW the option for vertical multi-pins — the new TREK sight offers the ultimate versatility and flexibility in a premium hunting sight.


Weight – 9.472 oz



NEW – Double Fiber Optic dots built into a slim single up pin to create a clear sight picture with multiple aiming points.

NEW – Set Up Two Vertical Pins with Dual Indicator Pointers

Lightweight Design Featuring multi-positioning mounting holes.

12” of fibre Optic Management System for Better Protection & Even Brighter Pins

Machined Aluminium Construction for Added Durability

Hybrid Elevation Adjustment with Dead Stop for Top Pin

Micro Windage Adjustment with Laser Engraved Marks

Available with .010” or .019” Blade Pins and in RH or LH configurations

Adjustable 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Axis

Lock Down Knob & Multiple Mounting Positions for Elevation & Windage Adjustments

Accepts a 41mm Lens and Sunshade

Interchangeable peep alignment rings

Green, Red, Yellow, and Grey Included

Sliding rheostat cover to optimize pin brightness.

Set up two floating pins with multiple indicator pointers.

Laser engraved aluminium sight yardage scales.

Rheostat sight light included.