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Centerpoint Amped 425 Silent Crank

Model: 10723


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Amped™ 425 Crossbow with Silent Crank


The sleek Amped 425 with Silent Crank generates an incredible amount of power while staying compact and maneuverable. Measuring only 12″ axle-to-axle when cocked, it delivers crushing speeds of up to 425 feet per second and includes features a folding stirrup and silent cranking device for ultra stealth.

  • Full-bearing cam system yields smooth transfer of energy at the shot
  • 12″ cocked 15.75″ uncocked
  • Ball bearing retention spring keeps bolts in place
  • CNC-machined aluminum rails and cams for durability
  • Folding stirrup and fully adjustable stock for comfort and proper shooting alignment
  • Stealth black stock
  • Full accessory package4x32 illuminated scope
    (3) 20″ .003 arrows
    Parallel quiver
    Silent cranking device
    Rail lube