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Centerpoint Mercenary 390

Model: 10728


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Mercenary™ 390 Crossbow

Up to 390 fps

The Mercenary 390 Built to withstand the rigors of long seasons: that’s early-season scorchers, mid-season driving rain, and late season deep-freezes. Throughout it all, the Mercenary 390 maintains tight performance and reliability.

  • 390 foot-per-second speed and 135 foot-pounds of energy powerShoot with buck-stopping power, speed, and accuracy.
  • 18” wide un-cocked or 14” ready to fireCompact enough to travel without slowing you down.
  • Whisper Silencing System™Keep your position to yourself with the sound suppressing power of limb dampeners, string stops, and two string silencers.
  • Complete accessory package4x32mm scope
    Detachable quiver
    Rope cocker
  • Ball bearing retention springMaintain consistent arrow retention and repeatable shooting results
  • Adjustable stock and cheek piece
  • Oversized finger guards
  • 5-year limited warranty