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Centerpoint Tyro

Model: 10719


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Tyro™ Crossbow Package

Up to 245 fps

The traditional recurve design of the Tyro 245 allows nearly everyone, regardless of age or size, to join the confident crew of CenterPoint hunters.

With its lightweight stock and simple operation, the Tyro 245 helps reinforce proper shooting mechanics including aiming, trigger pull, and follow-through.

Product Details

  • 245 foot-per-second speed and 56 foot-pounds of energy powerMore powerful than a recurve and lighter than a compound crossbow.
  • Featherweight at 5 poundsA lighter crossbow for easier aiming and steadier shots.
  • 26” wide un-cocked or 23.25” ready to fireCompact enough to travel without slowing you down.
  • Complete accessory package4x32mm scope
    Three 16”, 420-grain aluminum arrows
    Detachable quiver
    Rope cocker
  • Anti-dry fire and auto safety
  • Adjustable stock
  • Foregrip storage compartment
  • 5-year limited warranty