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Gold Tip Accu-Lite Insert 12pc

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Gold Tip threaded inserts offer the ultimate in accuracy and precision.

Made in the USA and crafted with the tightest possible tolerances our threaded inserts offer concentricity that will ensure tack driving accuracy and perfect broadhead alignment each and every time.

For use in any Standard Gold Tip Arrow Shaft 

Gold Tip Hunter, Hunter XT, Hunter Pro 

Gold Tip Traditional, Traditional XT

Gold Tip Team Primos

Gold Tip Ted Nugent 

Gold Tip UltraLite Entrada, Ultralight, Ultralight Pro

Gold Tip Velocity, Velocity XT, Velocity Pro

Size Selection,

Spine 800 700 600 500 400 340 300 250
Size 700/500 700/500 700/500 700/500 400/250 400/250 400/250 400/250


 Sold in packs of 12pc