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Gold Tip FACT (Kinetic) System 1dz

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Gold Tip FACT Weight System

All of Gold Tip’s inserts, target points, and traditional weight system adapters are built to accept various weights, such as 10, 20, and 50 grains. These weights allow you to customize your F.O.C to reach the extreme accuracy you desire. You can also use our weight system adjustment wrench to customize that weight even after you have glued in your point or insert.

Using The Weight System Front-of-centre (F.O.C) balance point is a very important factor in determining accuracy of your arrows.

Importantly, these adjustments can be made in the field or on the range without removing the insert. Simply pull the nock or pin bushing out and use the weight wrench to add or subtract weight.


Standard 0.246 (used for all arrows except Kenitic & Pierce)  

Kenitic 0.204

Pierce 0.166