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Gold Tip Name The Game

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Gold Tip Name The Game

Gold Tip’s Name The Game arrow shafts are the newest addition to the Signature Series line. Bearing the name of dominant tournament archers and TV hosts, Levi and Samantha Morgan, these uniquely decorated arrow shafts are manufactured using Smart Carbon Technology’s 100% carbon construction to maintain optimal performance, strength and straightness retention.  
In keeping with Gold Tip’s dedication to charity, a portion of the proceeds from the sales of every NTG shaft will go to support the Licking River Outfitters. This organization has a strong goal and is active with many other projects.
Spine GPI Straightness Length O/D I/D
300 8.8gpi +/- 0.003 32″ 0.312″ 0.246″
340 8.2gpi +/- 0.003 32″ 0.312″ 0.246″
400 7.4gpi +/- 0.003 32″ 0.302″ 0.246″
500 6.3gpi +/- 0.003 30″ 0.299″ 0.246″