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Hamskea 1 Inch Limb Clamp Kit

Model: 856633006793


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Hamskea 1 Inch Limb Clamp Kit

This clamp is best served on limbs that range in width from 0.85” to 1.0”. It is designed to be low weight and low profile, yet still serve as a true mechanical attachment mechanism for the dampening coil and cord to your rest. The dampening coil prevents the cord from stretching, acts as a shock absorber when the shot is fired and manages the launcher rebound. With the dual bracket and screws, even pressure is applied through the clamp system. The dampening coil is mounted to the lower clamp via a separate mounting screw. Couple this with a protective sticky tape and the clamp will not damage the finish of your limb and will not slip on the limb. This clamp works with the VersaRest as well as other manufacturers’ limb actuated style rests.