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Gold Tip Hunter 500 Spine Arrow Fletched 4″ Feathers

Model: 791331876593


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Gold Tip Hunter Arrows with 4″ Feathers

Factory feather fletched arrows direct from Gold tip.

Fletched with 4″ Gateway Parabolic Right Wing Feathers, All bright colours.

Arrow Length 

  • Please measure from the “V” of the nock to the end of the arrow (excluding the insert or point)
  • Please make sure you have checked the maximum length allowed for the spine of arrow you are choosing, this can be found in the specifications tab below. 
  • If the length you require is not listed please choose “Un-Cut” and let us know your desired length in the comments section during checkout. if you do not specify a length during checkout your arrows will be sent to you uncut with the arrow’s insert not installed