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Innerloc Grapple Point

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Innerloc Grapple Point

This is the daddy of bowfishing points with extra strong barbs to hold your fish. The Innerloc Grapple Point has three Innerloc retractable barbs which fold back against the ferrule or frame of the point to keep the entry hole small and after entry, barbs open wide to hold the fish.
This heavy duty point is made to hit hard and not let go.
The Grapple Point fits 5/16″ shafts and has incredible holding power holding the fish until you have retrieved, this is when you simply remove the tip to release the barbs.
Often used by tournament shooters due to its reputation for hitting hard. This is the best point on the market for salt water bowfishing. It is not recommended for beginners as it can pull your tinny, small runabout or boat around if it gets stuck in the muck.
The Grapple Point is fully capable tuna, stingray, crocodile, Sharks, Kingfish, Marlin and other game fish, it will help you land whatever freshwater or saltwater trophy you’re after.

Whether you’re wading the shoreline for Kingfish or exploring wide open water in search of  Marlin, the Innerloc Grapple Point has what it takes to land your favourite game fish. Some of the largest and most exciting fish have been taken with Innerloc fishing points

Fishing enthusiasts around the world trust Innerloc for there superior quality, durability, performance and attention to detail.