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PSE Mach 34 EC2

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PSE Mach 34 EC2

Achieve new heights of greatness with the 2023 PSE Mach 34 carbon bow. Delivering an unmatched experience with more power, maximum stability, and unmatched precision in a longer, 34” Axle-to-Axle bow, the Carbon 34 is the new pinnacle of carbon bow technology.

The first carbon bow ever made with PSE’s Full Draw Stability system, the Mach 34 provides the most stable shooting experience possible, actively resisting induced torque for increased precision when it matters most – at full draw.

Weighing only 3.6 lbs., the Mach 34 is engineered on PSE’s advanced Dead Frequency Carbon technology, reducing vibration, and delivering a lighter, stiffer, dead in hand experience. The Carbon 34 also shoots up to speeds of 340 fps, thanks to PSE’s ultra-efficient EC2 cam.

The Mach 34 is also the first hunting bow equipped with PSE’s new EZ.220 snap spacer system, allowing for quick bow tuning and cam lean adjustment. Less time in the bow press means more time in the field, which is why our snap spacers can be easily removed and repositioned on a pressed bow in precise increments. PSE’s revolutionary new axle system also prevents overtightening, a primary cause of bearing wear seen in competitor’s bows.

Finally, the Mach 34 riser features machined-mounting options for the Hamskea Epsilon rest, or a machined dovetail plate for the zero-tolerance QAD Integrate arrow rest. Experience greatness and shoot the 2023 PSE Carbon 34 today

  • MASS WEIGHT    3.65 lbs
  • DRAW LENGTH   26-1/2″ – 32″
  • DRAW WEIGHT   50, 60, 70, 80
  • SPEED 330 fps
  • AXLE TO AXLE  34″
  • BRACE HEIGHT  7-1/4″

Only carried in limited colours and draw weights, all other options are by back order ex USA, contact us for availability, please note availability of “In Stock” items my change without notice.