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QAD Ultra Rest LD

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QAD Ultra-Rest Pro Lock Down Fall-Away Arrow Rest

  • Lock-Down Technology to prevent fletching contact
  • Only drops when fired – not at let-down
  • Additional arrow contact allows you to shoot shorter arrows

Fletching clearance will never be a problem again when your bow is outfitted with this revolutionary new drop-away rest. QAD’s exclusive Lock-Down Technology™ keeps the launcher from rebounding after the shot to prevent contact with your fletching.

Velocity Drop-Away Technology™ ensures the launcher only drops away when the bow is fired, not at slow let-down. When nocking an arrow, the Thumbwheel cocks the rest in the “capture” position to keep your arrow supported and quietly secured until fired. The unique design provides an additional 4″ of arrow contact, allowing you to shoot shorter arrows.

Made in USA.

Available: • Left Hand • Right Hand