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Ravin 500 Grain Arrows

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Ravin 500 Grain Arrows

The new Ravin Heavy Duty (HD) 500 Grain Arrows (inclusive of 100 grain field tip or broadhead) have a straightness tolerance of .001 and are the most premium arrows Ravin offers. Delivering extreme knockdown power and increased kinetic energy, these arrows are ideal for big game hunting. The HD arrows come in a pack of 6 and have high-impact brass-threaded inserts with aluminum nock bushings and Ravin-engineered polymer nocks.

6-Pack 500 grain (with 100 grain field tip- not included)

Use in Ravin Crossbows only

100% pure carbon construction

Straightness tolerance: .001”

High-impact brass threaded inserts

2” high-profile offset vanes

High-impact aluminum nock bushings

Ravin-engineered polymer nocks