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Scorpion Venom 3 Star String Maintenance Kit

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Scorpion Venom 3 Star String Maintenance Kit

The 3 Star String Maintenance Kit from Scorpion Venom is a three pack combination which contains everything you will need to keep your bow string and bow performing at its best.

The Anti Venom Bowstring Cleaner (1 fl oz bottle) will remove the harmful dirt and grime from your bow string, the Polymeric Bowstring Fluid (0.25 fl oz bottle) coats and lubricates the delicate fibres of the string while enhancing string colours and the Cam and Serving Lube (0.20 fl oz bottle) to lubricate the cam and idler wheel and greatly reduces friction in the serving, preventing separation and serving wear.

Get the maximum life and performance out of your bow string with the 3 Star Maintenance Kit from Scorpion Venom.

All these products are odour free and function in any climate conditions.

For superior bow and bowstring performance and maintenance. Made in USA.