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Trophy Ridge Replacement Biscuit

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Trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit Replacement Kit

Replacement Whisker Biscuit line of arrow rests to suit your needs.

Size Guide:

Small = ACC, Axis, 17XX or Smaller Aluminum, Carbon Express Predator2 700 and smaller, Nanno, Gold Tip Pierce,

Meduim =  Archery Direct Instigator, Gold Tip Hunter, Gold Tip Velocty, Gold Tip Traditional, Gold Tip Ted Nugent, Gold Tip Name The Game, Gold Tip Team Primos, Gold Tip Kinetic, Gold Tip Lighting, Gold Tip Ultralight, Camo Carbon’s, Easton H Serries, Carbon Express Hunting Arrows. any arrows with an O/D 0.204″ through to 0.275″

Large: = Most large shafts between 0.276″ up to 0.32″ (Gold Tip Serries 22, Carbon Express X-Buster etc)  

Easy to install.