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Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer 6″

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Trophy Ridge Static Stabilizer 6″

There is no stabiliser out there quite like the static series stabiliser from Trophy Ridge, available in 6” and 9” lengths. The Static stabilizer comes with 2 customizable weights allowing you to control the weight and balance of the stabilizer depending on the situation. The Static stabilizers also feature the popular Ballistix CoPolymer System which is 25% lighter than aluminum, but with the same strength. Serious stabilizers, for serious hunters.


  • Ballistix CoPolymer technology
  • Fits all compound bows
  • Braided wrist sling and bracket
  • Comes with 2 interchangeable weights
  • Unique design
  • Includes a thread protector
  • Utilising Ballistix CoPolymer technology this makes the stabiliser as strong as Aluminium but 25% lighter also delivers added vibration reduction
  • By fitting to all Compound Bows it keeps the bow balanced in your hand, and balances out the initial arrow fire
  • The unique design allows air to flow through the stabiliser, keeping your arm straight
  • Ultra lightweight design comes with 2 interchangeable weights to adjust to your personal preference
  • Stylish and intelligent design to keep you shooting at the max
  • Braided wrist sling holds the bow onto your wrist with added stability and support
  • Thread Sleeve gives your thread extra protection until you are ready to install it