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Truball Beast 2 Bone Collector

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Truball Beast 2 Bone Collector

Designed for the Bone Collector™ team:

Designed especially for the Bone Collector™ team. T.R.U. Ball’s engineers have added a solid rod connection & an all new 3oz or 11oz spring choice to their favorite release, the T.R.U. Ball® Short-n-Sweet. The Beast is the advanced “high-speed” model with a forward trigger to provide more draw length for short draw archers. The Beast II is the “comfort- plus” model with a relaxed trigger, swept back to provide archers the ultimate feel when making the shot. Quick load open hook design allows a hunter to hook the string loop without taking eyes off the game. Also includes the drop-away solid rod globo-swivel connection with draw length adjustment. Available with black leather buckle strap or black Velcro® strap. Just pull the trigger & let up to re-set, then you are ready to draw & shoot.

  • Designed for the Bone Collector team
  • Relaxed, swept- back trigger
  • Quick-loading hook
  • Drop-away swivel rod connection
  • 360º torque-free heads
  • Independent calliper jaws
  • Inner ball/ramp firing mechanism for a smooth release every time
  • Adjustable trigger tension
  • Machined-aluminium and steel construction