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Truball Blade

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T.R.U. Ball Blade

The Blade fixed head thumb trigger handheld release by TRU Ball brings major improvements to archery.

This release boasts a host of impressive mouth watering features.

Check out the many features of this thumb activated release.

  • Thinner, smaller head and jaw reduces D-Loop torque while twisting the head for a clean release
  • Finger bed grooves for better grip and security
  • Safe firing mechanism – so safe that even if a piece of paper is in the way, the release will not set unless it can completely close
  • Silent and easy cocking firing mechanism
  • Knife-like checkered pattern texture side plates on both sides of the handle to give enhanced grip, especially in wet conditions
  • Adjustable trigger position for the perfect fit to your hand & shooting style
  • Can use a rope or lanyard if you want to wrap release around your wrist