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Bohning Seal-tite Wax

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Bohning Seal-tite Wax

  • Silicon based wax
  • Protects string & serving from the weather
  • Odorless and waterproof
  • Use on nock shanks for easier indexing & insertion
  • 28 Gram Tube
Bohning Seal-Tite® silicone-based bowstring wax for compounds, recurves and longbows prolongs life of bowstring and helps prevent fraying and string dry-out.  Designed and recommended for synthetic fiber bowstrings and cables, Seal-Tite® resists penetration by water and keeps moisture out of the bowstring, protecting critical string fibers.  Regular use of Seal-Tite® greatly reduces string friction and abrasion against cables, slides, wheels and cams.  It penetrates into string fibers without damaging the string, and remains tacky enough under all weather conditions to hold strands together, yet not sticky and will not freeze or become brittle.  1 oz. tube of silicone based wax. To wax your string, first remove any contaminants such as dust, dirt and old wax from your bowstring. Clean off any dirt and grime buildup on your string with a clean, soft cloth. Waxing strings without first cleaning them can drive dirt deeper into the string, causing premature wear and unwanted friction within the string. Then apply the wax stick up and down on all areas of the bowstring and cable, including areas of the string that are served which helps to keep the bowstring from moving inside the serving and minimizes wear. With your index finger and thumb, vigorously work the wax into the string and cable, going from one end to the other. Remove any excess or residual wax with a cloth. Synthetic bowstrings and cables eventually fray from constant contact with each other or brushing against branches, long grass or other abrasive surfaces. To minimize fraying, it is highly recommended to regularly lubricate the string and cables with a liberal coat of string wax.