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Huntline String Set (PSE Evoke Series)

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Huntline Bowstrings! (Powered by Americas Best Bowstrings)

Huntline String Set (PSE Evoke Series)

This custom replacement bow string was built for the demanding bowhunter or archer who is looking for great quality at an unrivalled price Built by the same custom bowstring specialist that produce strings and cables at America’s Best Bowstrings and built with BCY fibres. 

Using ABB’s Equalized Strand Technology (EST) to create consistent tension across all the strands of the string while virtually eliminating peep rotation and reducing creep before the string building process has started.

Using ABB’s Balanced Twist Ratio (BTR) which is a consistent amount of twists in your bowstring that will help keep the servings in place and improve overall performance of your string system.

Please choose from the dropdown menu the string series you require, if your unsure follow this link and add your PSE serial number to the search box, PSE will then provide you with your make/model.

2 color twist of Olive Green and Sand is the only colour you can get in this line.