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Ek Chameleon Youth Compound Bow Set

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Ek Chameleon Youth Compound Bow Set

The perfect gift idea for kids – a complete archery package leaving kids ready to shoot with everything you need in the box!

The Chamelelon Compound Bow is a great lightweight and versatile bow that kids will love to start their archery journey with. Both boys and girls will love the green model which is suitable for both left hand and right hand archers.

Included in the package:
• Chameleon compound bow
• 1x Stick on arrow rest
• 1x Brass pin sight
• Finger rollers on bowstring
• A simple quiver
• 2x 26″ fibreglass arrows
• 1x Armguard
• 1x Aluminium stand
• 4x Target pins
• 1x Target foam board
• 1x Target face

Chameleon Bow Specifications:
• Draw weight: 10-15 lbs
• Draw length: 22″
• Bow length: 33″
• Brace height: 7.25″
• Let-off: 65%