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Firestar Compound Bow Set

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Compound Bow Set

Wicked quality bow, don’t get caught out with plastic replicas.

This is a great bow for beginners to use.

Set Includes:

  • 1x Compound Bow (Aluminium Handle, Fiberglass limbs)
  • 3x 28″ Arrows
  • 1x Arm Guard
  • 1x Quiver
  • 1x Bow Sight
  • 1x Arrow Rest
  • 1x Stabilizer
  • 1x Brass Nock Set


  • Draw weight: 25 or 35lbs
  • Draw Length: 23~25″
  • Limbs: Compression Mouled Fibreglass
  • Riser: Aluminium

This bow can accept after market accessories, including but not limted to Arrow Rests, Sights, Bowfishing Accessories, Stabilizers.