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Hyper-X Flemish String

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Hyper-X Flemish Strings 

Custom Built right here in New Zealand by Hyper-X, Trad Strings are hand made to a Stranded IBO measurement, all Hyper-X strings are made using their Pre-Stretch system. 

Hyper-X Trad Strings are the best option for those using older bows that cannot withstand the hardness of the more modern strings, Hyper-X Trad Strings are made using B50 this is a very forgiving string for older bows and self-bows. if you are unsure what to use give Archery Direct a call and they can assist you.

As the strings are made to order there is normally a small waiting time of 2-4 working days for Hyper-X to build your string and ship them to Archery Direct.

Due to the nature of a Flemish twist it is vitally important you do not unwind or untwist your string more than 5 complete twists as this will loosen the twisting process and you string could come apart in the loops, also it is important you make sure your bows limbs and limb tips do not have a sharp edge on them as this will cause excessive wear on your string, both mentioned above are not covered by warranty.

Should you find your string is a little too long or it has stretched a little you more than welcome to introduce more twists.

Strings lengths can vary from bow to bow even using the IBO System, it is also recommended to supply us with your actual string measurement, please remember the IBO measurement is not the physical length of the string.  

Please remember B50 will continue to stretch, so you will need to add twists to you string from time to time to keep your bow preforming well, the amount of stretch will depend on your actual string length and the draw weight of your bow as well as the arrow weights you are running, if your bow is capable of using the Trad Elite strings we strongly recommend using these over the Trad series