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Hyper-X Flemish Elite String

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Hyper-X Flemish Elite Strings 

Custom Built right here in New Zealand by Hyper-X, Trad Elite Strings are hand made to standard AMO measurements, all Hyper-X strings are made using their inhouse Pre-Stretch system. 

Hyper-X Trad Elite Strings are the best option for the most demanding shooters who expect performance when it counts. Made using XS2 this is a very fast yet forgiving string that is suitable for most bows new and old (not recommended on self-bows). If you are unsure what to use give Archery Direct a call and they can assist you.

Most String colours and sizes are in stock however custom strings are made to order. There may be a small waiting time of 2-4 working days for Hyper-X to build your string.

Due to the nature of a Flemish twist it is vitally important you do not unwind or untwist your string more than 5 complete twists as this will loosen the twisting process and your string could come apart. It is also important you make sure your bows limbs and limb tips DO NOT have a sharp edge on them as this will cause excessive wear on your string, both mentioned above are not covered by warranty.

Should you find your string is a little too long you can introduce more twists.

String lengths can vary from bow to bow even using the AMO System, it is recommended to supply us with your actual string measurement, please remember the AMO measurement is not the physical length of the string.  

All of our strings are measured in AMO.

Figuring out the ideal string length for your recurve or longbow is easier than you might think. First, look on the bow itself. Sometimes there is writing on the bottom limb or on the side of the riser. Typical writing might read, “58”/30#”. This means that you have a 58 inch bow from tip to tip and a poundage of 30 at a 28″ draw length.

Since the length of the bow is 58 inches you would need a 58″ AMO bowstring. However, AMO measurements have actual string length that are 4 inches less. Therefore, your 58″ AMO string will only measure 54″. Some manufacturers measure there strings differently so please measure you current string before ordering.